Base Metals: Aluminum or Copper
Finishes: Silver or Tin

Bus Bar Plating:
Aluminum & Copper With Silver Or Tin Finishes Up To 12' Lengths

Nobert offers silver or tin plating on aluminum or copper base metal. Aluminum base metal is pretreated with the Alstan® surface preparation process to enhance adhesion strength of the coating metal. Our tanks can accommodate up to 12-foot lengths of material. Plated material is held within dimensions set forth by ASTM B-317 for aluminum and ASTM B-187 for copper or tighter. Nobert Plating also distributes all sizes of aluminum and copper bar, rods and tubes internationally.

® Alstan is a registered trademark of Atotech USA, Inc.

Bus Bar Available:
Silver Or Tin Finishes
Up to 12' Lengths


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